Below is Part 3 of my interview with David Hunter. Want to see more of David?

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David focuses our attention on asking the question(s) that get us the information we need in order to improve and to acheive better outcomes. When we focus on asking the right questions, and analyzing the answers, we are able to stay focused on how to change and improve. If only more finders would support this kind of data gathering…

1:00 Forget milk; Got C.R.E.A.M.?

2:35 David turns around an organization using just 1 key performance indicator (Read about it in Chapter 2 of his book)

4:35 What do we need to do better? What aren’t we doing well enough?

10:20 Take a Leap of Reason!

I was very excited to discuss his new e- book, Working Hard & Working Well: A Practical Guide to Performance Management. It is a truly PRACTICAL GUIDE- a “how to” done extraordinarily well. It has been downloaded over 3,300 times and is available for FREE*. If you want to run an effective nonprofit I highly recommend you read this book. In it you’ll learn how to conduct and develop a theory of change, how to become clear about what it is you are trying to accomplish and how to measure progress toward your intended outcomes.  If you work for a nonprofit, sit on a board or know someone who does, please tell them about this FREE e-book.

10:10 What you can do if you’re overwhelmed by data…

11:35 Why so many Masters?

12:35 What funders do that’s so mischievous!

13:20 How funders disrupt an organization’s core value proposition

14:00 What some funders do that’s “beyond stupid.”

I especially love David’s answer to my question about what an organization can do if they find themselves overwhelmed by their data: (Click Here to see his response)

Embracing the reality that sometimes we have to say no in order to say yes well can be difficult but pays huge dividends for those we want to help most. David makes this point extraordinarily well in the film Saving Philanthropy.

2:15 Funders! Do you have any idea what it takes?

4:30 What makes an effective leader?

5:10 Leader vs. Manager

7:20 A common mistake

9:40 How long ’til we are high-performing?

12:00 Are you self-satisfied?


*PDF and iBook formats are free| Kindle is 99 cents


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  1. I’m watching

    Found a typo.

    In Part 1 of Kate’s interview with David Hunter, at 6:45 (time on the video), the text states “Mangers should strive to…”

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