Saving Philanthropy: Resources to Results™ is a documentary film and teaching tool. It is the first and only film about high-performing nonprofits. The film profiles social service organizations that do an excellent job of tracking progress toward meaningful outcomes for their target populations, and examines how they do it.                                                {View on screen contributors here}

Since its completion and premier at the Center for Effective Philanthropy Conference in May 2011, we have had the privilege of screening Saving Philanthropy for non-profit organizations across the United States and Canada. We have been overwhelmed by the positive reaction and gratitude with which it has been received. People thank us for distilling complex management concepts into digestible terms, and speaking truths about non-profit culture that need to be addressed.


In much of the feedback we received we were asked for additional instruction, so we designed and conducted workshops utilizing the film as the foundation of the curriculum. We’ve conducted these across the country as well, and the feedback has also been uniformly positive.

  • For example, based on our survey results 90% of 2012 workshop participants feel that is it very likely (rating of 7-10 out of 10) that they will be able to apply the information learned at the workshop to their organization.
  • 92% feel that this information will benefit their efforts to be more effective.

Film + Workshops = Video Education Website:

While the workshops yield more substantive results than a film screenings alone, they have been limited to those who could physically attend. In an effort to provide broad access, we’ve created a Video Education Website so that ANY organization can, at ANYTIME, access up-to-date workshops and move its programs towards effectiveness.

R2R is designed for funders who

  • Ask for outcome data from their grantees
  • Want to ensure that their grants actually make a difference
  • Want to make their grant dollars go farther

R2R helps grantees

  • Improve the lives of the individuals they serve by showing them how to manage their programs towards meaningful outcomes
  • Internally assess, and thereby learn if what they are doing is actually working
  • Adjust their programs accordingly (and bring about greater benefits to those they are designed to serve)

R2R provides detailed explanations and examples of performance management, measuring progress toward outcomes, through video tutorials that feature motion graphics, animated charts and screen shots, and supporting footage.

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