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Here’s a great interview Kate did for the Foundation Center last November about why she felt moved to make Saving Philanthropy.  Thanks to Mitch Nauffts and the Philanthropy News Digest.


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  1. Ann Dolce says:

    Congratulations, Robbie and Katie. I can’t wait to see the final production. You both should be very proud of your work.


  2. Robby says:

    Thanks so much Ann- we really appreciate the positive feedback.

  3. Kristin says:

    I am so excited that you have focused your talents on this issue. As a biostatistician, you don’t have to convince me of the importance of data in quantifying outcomes. In fact, I spent this afternoon in a meeting with a doctor discussing how to use data to translate what he sees in his clinic to real changes in patient treatment. I am excited to see the film and how it applies to my own work.

  4. Yash says:

    Super! Congratulations! LOOKING FORWARD! Ultimately it is your belief and
    trust in the validity, viability, and potential of “community” in a civil society that allows you to be so creative in your task of this nature.What
    a thrilling news!

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